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Miami-Dade Favorites is Back!

We live, shop, eat, and play in beautiful Miami and we wouldn’t have it any other way. In celebration of our great communities, the Miami Herald is presenting 2024 Miami-Dade Favorites. This contest is truly designed to engage the community in celebrating the places, restaurants, and local businesses we love.


In 2023, Miami-Dade Favorites had over 4,500 businesses, organizations, and individuals competing to be named in the top three spots of 248 categories. We can't wait to see who you're favorites are this year!

Miami-Dade Favorites Promotions

Miami-Dade Favorites will have strong support from,, Miami Herald newspaper, and social media. Nominations and voting will be driven by print, digital, and social promotions.

  • Digital Display

  • Miami Herald Newspaper Ads

  • Organic Social Media

  • Paid Social Media

  • Paid Targeted Eblast

  • Eblast to Subscribers

  • Home Page Takeovers

  • Outdoor Advertising

The Miami Herald will invest over $200,000 in marketing support promoting Miami-Dade Favorites, driving participation and ensuring success for the community and local businesses.

Nominations End
Friday, August 2

How does it work?

During the nomination period, we invite our audience to nominate outstanding establishments and professionals in Miami. Once our nominations are taken, we will move them to a ballot for official voting. All nominations and voting will be done online at


Request your complimentary asset kit that includes badges ready to be incorporated into your social media posts, website, and emails during Miami-Dade Favorites to encourage voting and engage your audience!

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